Thursday, July 12, 2007

Big News Conference Today

Our Commander in Chief will speak today. Unfortunately, we cannot live blog the event, and thus keep the Femno-Liberal, Paris Hilton-obsessed, union-run "news" media honest.

No doubt, they will light upon some minor bungle of a word.

No doubt, they will claim what he says is not true.

It is your job to watch. It is your duty to listen. It is our greatest hope that his words reach your hearts and transform Americans into the unified fighting force that can win the war on terror.

Dick Cheney will be there, if not in pure physical presence, in spirit.

May God rule your tongue, Mr. President. Speak loudly.


cynstr said...

I can hardly wait.

ram_tough said...

This is how he opened it:

Yesterday, America lost an extraordinary first lady and a fine Texan, Lady Bird Johnson. She brought grace to the White House and beauty to our country.

On behalf of the American people, Laura and I send our condolences to her daughters, Lynda and Luci, and we offer our prayers to the Johnson family.

Man, he's getting bipartisan. I don't like this.