Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Classy Guy Facing a Tough Test

Our prayers go out with a shout to Senator David Vitter, who faces a terrible hardship, apparently because he is guilty of just trying to be too much, too often, to too many people.

Long ago, Dave made the all-too-human mistake of paying for love and thinking it's the real deal. If he had asked us, we'd have told him it's not. They always write down your name. Nevertheless, we're boosted by the classy way our favorite Senator has handled the so-called "controversy."

Apparently, Senator Dave's phone number turned up on the DC Madam's list, a misunderstanding that could happen to anybody. Unfortunately, the Pinko Press found out, and a few hours before he was going to be smacked in yellow headlines, Dave came clean. He took full responsibility, UNLIKE BILL CLINTON, WHO LIED UNDER OATH, and according to news accounts, David's wife has issued him a full pardon.

That's true love, folks. When a good guy messes up, the Lord and the wife will always forgive.

Hang in there, Senator Dave. You're a good man. You let your whammy get in the way of your love for America. But we're proud of you. You owned up to it. You told the truth, UNLIKE BILL AND HILLARY. Don't let one moment of ecstacy take you down, amigo.


ram_tough said...

He might have betrayed his own marriage, but he always defended everyone else's.

cynstr said...

Newt came clean too after he got caught diddling around with another woman.

edward r murrow said...

I can't help but wonder if Dave was targeted by some of those "ladies."

Everybody knows that prostitutes are liberals. They'd put this nation in the poorhouse if they had the chance.

cynstr said...

Republican women are just boring in bed, ice queens. No imagination. They can't satisfy their partners. Think how much pressure our Republican leaders face when they can't get their bean snapped or fulfill their sexual fantasies. That's a lot of seminal pressure. Poor guys. It's remarkable they don't break out in boils. You have to pity them, really.

god country family said...

Republican women? Boring ice queens?

It's clear you never spent the night with Lizzie Dole!

cynstr said...


Anonymous said...

Alphoso said....

But has Ann Coulter forgiven him?

By the way, according to a well paid informant, Senator Dave remarked that the voice of
God ( one of the first to forgive him )sounded remarkably similar to that of George W. Bush.

When asked why he didn't confess prior to being discovered on the infamous DC madam's list, the esteemed Senator from Louisiana remarked: " I was hoping to get lucky."

Indianhead11B10 said...

I'm die-hard Democrat Blue, but Dave's my Senator and a good one.
Whether it's Clinton or Vitter I didn't vote for them for priest,
just politicians with the good of my country at heart.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Vitter bashed Hillary for standing by her man.