Friday, June 22, 2007

NEWSITORIAL: Five Minutes To Doomsday

A great danger faces the world.

According to the news, criminal scientists are close to developing the so-called "Gay Bomb," a briefcase explosive that, if detonated in a major city such as San Francisco, could turn millions of upright citizens into perfumed, bone-licking, ass-pounding, boa-clad abominations.

Within minutes, every social interaction would be transformed in a diamond hard frenzy of Dad-on-Dad graftification, with all human dignity sacrificed on the Satanic altar of ecstasy.

In other words, never has Man faced a more terrifying threat.

We hereby call upon President George W. Bush to convene an International Council on Gay Weapons Disarmament to hammer out a lasting, unbreakable ban on this doomsday device.

Our children are at stake. Our families are at stake.
Stop the Gay Bomb... NOW!


Rodrigo said...

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edward r murrow said...


I don't know what you said, but I hope you and your people understand that Republicans want only the best for everyone.

ram_tough said...

I think we need to make English the official language of Draft Dick Cheney.

Who's with me?